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Maria Hospital
Maria Hospital

In March 2012 Compte-Fournier won its second project, a 3 MW high pressure steam project for the Gaspesian hospital of Maria.

Installation was executed in December 2012 and January 2013 and from project commissioning in February, the project has been replacing the fuel oil and electrical boilers that were previously responsible for producing the steam required for building heating and for the hospital laundry of C.S.S.S. de la Baie-des-Chaleurs.

This project demonstrated the superior performance and reliability of Compte-Fournier equipment has become the new reference in public’s work and hospital conversion projects in Quebec.

Maria project integrated a landmark architectural boiler room building, high performance boiler and equipment joined with an economizer to further boost energy efficiency, increase savings, and maximize the use of wood as a renewable resource.

Also accessible by the internet, it also supports SMS messaging to operators. The boiler has a turndown ratio greater than 10 which, when used in conjunction with a boiler sleep modes, means that this biomass boiler is perfect to provide heat both during the extremely cold days, and the warm summer days where few kW are needed. Efficiency and ability to deliver kW quickly means that oil and electrical boilers remain in shutdown.

3 MW boiler, steam, wood chips from the wood industry as fuel